Rumah & Progression - SC1

a1\ SC1



b2\ S1 (Creech)

Outline - First Contact (Remastered)

Two tracks from the very beginning of Blueprint Remastered.

A\ First Contact 

B\ Encounter


a1\ Operation Neptune

a2\ Surrender To The Void

b1\ Paint It Black

b2\ Paint It Black Reprise

James Ruskin - Nan Nife

a\ Nan Nife

b\ Shallow Pool

b2\ Dependant Stage

James Ruskin - Slit

a\ Slit

b1\ Wisdom Of Youth

b2\ Emotion Erode

Lakker - Torann E.P

a1\ Summer Rain

a2\ Mustard Crying

b1\ Ciar

b2\ Static & Amp

b3\ One Note

Ruskin & Broom - Bites

a\ Bites

b\ D.O.D

b2\ Nel

The Fear Ratio - Skana

a\ Dirty Paws

a2\ Fedec

b1\ Skana

b2\ Kingdom Of Ends

Lakker - Arc E.P

a1\ BKRO

a2\ ED

b1\ Arc

b2\ Evening Lemon

The Fear Ratio - Morning Blues

a\ Morning Blues - Plaid Remix

b\ Guv Three - Deadhand Mix

The Fear Ratio - Light Box

1\ Intro

2\ Guv 1 

3\ Ax

4\ Pinhead

5\ Antiarc

6\ Bronik

7\ Mas

8\ Morning Blues

9\ Guv Three

10\ Mutant Roach

11\ The Quick And The Dead

Sigha - I Am Apathy, I Am Submission

a\ I Am Apathy, I Am Submission

b1\ The Black House

b2\ Between Here And Yesterday

Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Erotic Misery

a\ Erotic Misery

b1\ The Future That Was

b2\ Black LInes

O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son E.P

a\ Post-Traumatic Son

b\ Descending The Left Corner

b2\ Crippled Nurse (And Water)

O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Mixes)

a\ Post-Traumatic Son (Techno Mix)

b1\ Post-Traumatic Son (Wave Mix)

b2\ Post-Traumatic Son (Vibe Mix)

O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (Robert Hood/DVS1 Mixes)

a\ Post-Traumatic Son (Robert Hood Mix)

b1\ Post-Traumatic Son (DVS1 Pessimist Mix)

b2\ Post-Traumatic Son (DVS1 Optimist Mix)

O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann Mixes)

a\ Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann Construction 1)

b1\ Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann Construction 2)

b2\ Post-Traumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann MDR Version)

Mark Broom & James Ruskin - No Time Soon E.P.

a\ No Time Soon

b1\ Hostage

b2\ The Metal Man

Valmay - Radiated Future

a\ Radiated Future

b1\ Old Dog

b2\ Distrust

James Ruskin - The Outsider

a\ The Outsider (Luke Slater's ME Remix)

b1\ The Outsider

b2\ Solution

James Ruskin - Sabre

a\ Sabre

b\ Massk

O/V/R - Interior

a\ Interior

b1\ Fallen Night Renew

b2\ Rapid Eye

James Ruskin - Transfer

a\ Transfer (Kero Remix)

b1\ Xanoptikero

b2\ Transfer (Original)

James Ruskin - Return

a\ Return (Regis Mix)

b1\ Return (65D Mavericks Mix)

b2\ Return (Original)


James Ruskin - Take Control

a\ Take Control (Surgeon Remake)

b1\ Take Control (Original)

b2\ Take Control (OneTen Mix)

James Ruskin - Solex Mixes

a1\ Solex (Original Mix)

a2\ Solex (Link Mix)

b1\ Solex (Jet Mix)

b2\ Solex (Chamber Mix)


James Ruskin - Circuit

a1\ Way Of The Worlds

a2\ Transfer

b1\ Human

b2\ Part Of The Process

c1\ Caught In The Middle

c2\ Solex

d1\ Profile

d2\ Time Out

d3\ The Hill

65D Mavericks - Defining The Symptom

a1\ Compulsion

a2\ In The Dark

b1\ Forced Perspective

b2\ The Search

b3\ Subtext

c1\ Convert

c2\ Human Error

d1\ Solitude

d2\ No Gravity

d3\ An Experimental Conclusion 


James Ruskin - Conspiracy E.P

a\ After Dark

b1\ Take Control

b2\ Fader

Oliver Ho - Jackal E.P

James Ruskin - Correction Centre


a\ The Chase

b\ Borderline

James Ruskin - Cipher

a1\ Cipher

a2\ Loophole

b1\ Electric Plague

b2\ System


Oliver Ho - Sentience

a1\ Birth

a2\ Open Your Eyes

a3\ The Link

b1\ Layers

b2\ Mechanics

c1\ Awakening (Remix)

c2\ Beneathe The Skin

d1\ Within

d2\ Close Your Eyes

Oliver Ho - Awakening The Sentient

James Ruskin - Prevention Beyond Cause

Oliver Ho - Entering The Plural

a1\ Untitled

a2\ Foreign Lamd

a3\ Explorer

b1\ Untitled

b2\ Pheromone

b3\ The Approach

James Ruskin - Prelude

Oliver Ho - Duality

a1\ Reincarnation

a2\ Grasp

b1\ Memories Of The Other

b2\ Under

c1\ Complications

c2\ Wonders

d1\ Tides

d2\ Eruptions

James Ruskin - Further Design

a1\ Enter

a2\ Indirect World

a3\ Internal

b1\ Beginnings

b2\ The Divide

c1\ Time And Place

c2\ Form

c3\ Unknown Destination

d1\ Work

d2\ Below


James Ruskin - Transition

a1\ Transition

a2\ The Divide

b1\ Untitled

b2\ Logical Force (Claude Young Mix)

b3\ Logical Force

Outline Meets Surgeon

Oliver Ho - Cosmetics

a1\ Cosmetics

a2\ Illuminations

b1\ The Voice

b2\ Swim

Outline - 5

Outline - 4

Outline - Examined Life EP

a1\ Encounter

a2\ Still Life

b1\ Isolation

b2\ Blue Cell

Oliver Ho - The Gathering

a1\ The Gathering

a2\ Midnight

b1\ Shine

b2\ Indicator

Outline - First Contact

a1\ First Contact

a2\ The Last Hours

b1\ Blind Flight

b2\ Controller